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.mht Extension - List of programs that can open .mht files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .mht extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
chrome.exeCent BrowserCent BrowserCent StudioopenLow
Coral.exe   openLow
EXCEL.EXEMicrosoft Office 2016Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft CorporationopenLow
Explorer.exeMicrosoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating SystemWindows ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpenLow
firefox.exeFirefoxFirefoxMozilla CorporationopenHigh
firefox.exe   openLow
iexplore.exeWindowsR Internet ExplorerInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same Window, OpenMedium
IEXPLORE.EXEInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same Window, OpenVery High
iexplore.exeWindows? Internet ExplorerInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same Window, OpenHigh
iexplore.exeInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same Window, OpenMedium
IEXPLORE.EXE   Open in Same Window, OpenLow
iexplore.exeMicrosoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating SystemMicrosoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same WindowLow
IEXPLORE.EXEInternet ExplorerInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Same Window, OpenVery High
iexplore.exeInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationAbrir en la misma ventana, AbrirLow
Maxthon.exeMaxthon Cloud BrowserMaxthon Cloud BrowserMaxthon International ltd.openLow
msedge.exeMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft Corporationopen, runasHigh
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office 2000Microsoft Office 2000 componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintLow
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office 2016Microsoft Office 2016 componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintMedium
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office 2010Microsoft Office 2010 componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintVery High
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office 2013Microsoft Office 2013 componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintHigh
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office XPMicrosoft Office XP componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintMedium
msohtmed.exe2007 Microsoft Office system2007 Microsoft Office componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintVery High
msohtmed.exeMicrosoft Office 2003Microsoft Office 2003 componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintVery High
Opera.exe   openLow
opera.exeOpera Internet BrowserOpera Internet BrowserOpera SoftwareopenVery High
pdfcreator.exePDFCreatorPDFCreatorpdfforge PDF och bitmapfiler med PDFCreatorMedium
rundll32.exeWindows host process (Rundll32)Microsoft Corporationprint, printtoLow
sbframe.exeFlashPeak SlimBrowserFlashPeak SlimBrowserFlashPeak Inc.openLow
sbrowser.exeFlashPeak SlimBrowserFlashPeak SlimBrowserFlashPeak, Inc.openLow
Spark.exesparkspark openLow
uniextract.exe Universal Extractor UniExtract Files..., UniExtract Here, UniExtract to SubdirVery High

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .mht extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
 MHTML Document  iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
CentHTM.7JMODMVXCQXRXVDN5JDT5NZR3QCent HTML Document message/rfc822chrome.exeCent Browser, Cent StudioLow
CentHTM.KMYETP4OLZY77VHIUR7BFDGLEICent HTML Document message/rfc822chrome.exeCent Browser, Cent StudioLow
CoralExplorerHTML  message/rfc822IEXPLORE.EXEInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
FirefoxMHTMLFirefox MHTML-Dokument message/rfc822firefox.exeFirefox, Mozilla CorporationLow
FirefoxMHTMLDokument MHTML programu Firefox message/rfc822  Low
FirefoxMHTMLMHTML Document message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
FirefoxMHTMLFirefox MHTML Document message/rfc822firefox.exeFirefox, Mozilla CorporationMedium
htmlfileHTML Document message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
IE.AssocFile.MHTMHTML Document message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
Max5.Association.HTMLMaxthon Document message/rfc822  Low
mhtmlfileMicrosoft Edge HTML Document message/rfc822msedge.exeMicrosoft Edge, Microsoft CorporationMedium
mhtmlfileDocumento MHTML message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
mhtmlfileMaxthon Document message/rfc822MxRsc.dllMxRsc, Maxthon International ltd.Low
mhtmlfileMicrosoft Edge MHT Document message/rfc822msedge.exeMicrosoft Edge, Microsoft CorporationMedium
mhtmlfileSpark HTML Document message/rfc822  Low
mhtmlfileMHTML Document message/rfc822  Very High
mhtmlfileMicrosoft MHTML Document 5.0 message/rfc822IEXPLORE.EXEMicrosoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
Opera.HTMLHTML Document message/rfc822opera.exeOpera Internet Browser, Opera SoftwareMedium
Opera.HTMLOpera Web Document message/rfc822  Low
Opera.HTMLOpera HTML Document message/rfc822opera.exeOpera Internet Browser, Opera SoftwareLow
Opera.HTMLMHTML Document message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationMedium
Opera.HTML  message/rfc822opera.exeOpera Internet Browser, Opera SoftwareHigh
SlimBrowserHtml  message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
SogouExplorerHTML  message/rfc822iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
UniExtractMHTML Document  iexplore.exeInternet Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
UniExtract  message/rfc822  Low
UniExtractUniversal Extractor Archive message/rfc822  Low

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