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.key Extension - List of programs that can open .key files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .key extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
AkelPad.exe   EditLow
fvp.exeFile Viewer PlusFile Viewer PlusSharpened ProductionsopenLow
iCloudDrive.exeiCloud for WindowsiCloud DriveApple Inc.Open in iCloud.comLow
Keynote (Mac).exe   openLow
licmgr.exeAntiVir DesktopAntiVir License ManagerAvira GmbHopenLow
licmgr.exeAvira Product FamilyLicense ManagerAvira Operations GmbH & Co. KGopenLow
NOTEPAD.EXE   edit, printMedium
NOTEPAD.EXEMicrosoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating SystemNotepadMicrosoft CorporationEdit, printLow
NOTEPAD.EXEBloc de notasMicrosoft Corporationedit, Merge, printMedium
NOTEPAD.EXENotatnikMicrosoft Corporationedit, printMedium
NOTEPAD.EXEBloco de notasMicrosoft Corporationedit, printLow
NOTEPAD.EXEMicrosoft? Windows? Operating SystemNotepadMicrosoft Corporationedit, printLow
NOTEPAD.EXEAkelPadAkelPad (x86) text editor edit, printLow
NOTEPAD.EXENotepadMicrosoft Corporationedit, printVery High
NOTEPAD.EXEEditorMicrosoft Corporationedit, printHigh
NOTEPAD.EXEAnteckningarMicrosoft Corporationedit, printLow
notepad.exeKladblokMicrosoft Corporationedit, printLow
Notepad2.exe Notepad2 EditLow
pdfcreator.exePDFCreatorPDFCreatorpdfforge PDF och bitmapfiler med PDFCreatorMedium
reg2cmd.exe   REG2CMDLow
regedit.exeRegistry EditorMicrosoft CorporationMergeMedium
regedit.exeEdytor rejestruMicrosoft CorporationMergeLow
regedit.exe   MergeVery High
regeditr.exeRegEditrRegEditrN.I.T.ldtEdit with RegEditrLow
regeditr.exe   RegEditrLow
regview.exeRegView N.I.T. LtdViewLow
RegWorkshop.exeRegistry WorkshopRegistry WorkshopTorchSoftRegistry WorkshopLow
RegWorkshopX64.exeRegistry WorkshopRegistry WorkshopTorchSoftRegistry WorkshopLow
rr.exeRegistrar Registry ManagerRegistrar Registry ManagerResplendence Software Projects SpEdit with RegistrarLow
rr.exe   Edit with RegistrarLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .key extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
AntiVir.Keyfile   rcimage.dllAvira AntiVir Windows Workstation Image Master Resource File (English), Avira GmbHLow
Apple.iCloudDrive.KeynoteKeynote-DokumentDocument iCloudDrive_main.dlliCloud Drive, Apple Inc.Low
Apple.iCloudDrive.KeynoteKeynote documentDocument iCloudDrive_main.dlliCloud Drive, Apple Inc.Low
AppXppqdgckcm0rkmm7y6v63w1ckey9065grXbox    Low
key_auto_file     Low
regfileVoci di registrazione  regedit.exeEditor del Registro di sistema, Microsoft CorporationLow
regfileWpisy Rejestru  regedit.exeEdytor rejestru, Microsoft CorporationLow
regfileRegistrierungsdatei  regedit.exeRegistrierungs-Editor, Microsoft CorporationMedium
regfile     Low
regfileKeynote Presentation  fvp.exeFile Viewer Plus, Sharpened ProductionsLow
regfileRegistration Entries  regedit.exeRegistry Editor, Microsoft CorporationVery High
regfileEntradas de registro  regedit.exeEditor del Registro, Microsoft CorporationLow
regfileRegistreringsposter  regedit.exeRegistereditorn, Microsoft CorporationLow

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