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.ivf Extension - List of programs that can open .ivf files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .ivf extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
AMOVIE.OCXDirectShowActiveMovie ControlMicrosoft CorporationcloseLow
apc.exeAshampoo Photo CommanderAshampoo Photo Commander 11Ashampoo Media GmbH & Co. KGexplore, open, printLow
AVSMediaPlayer.exe   openLow
bsplayer.exeBSPlayer Pro v2.74BS.PlayerAB TeamPlay with BS.PlayerLow
iMesh.exeiMeshiMeshiMesh, IncopenLow
MovieMaker.exeMovie MakerMovie MakerMicrosoft CorporationOpenLow
mpc-be.exeMPC-BEMPC-BEMPC-BE TeamopenLow
mpc-be64.exeMPC-BE x64MPC-BE x64MPC-BE TeamopenLow
mpc-hc.exeMPC-HCMPC-HCMPC-HC TeamAdd to MPC-HC Playlist, Play with MPC-HCMedium
mpc-hc.exe   openLow
mpc-hc.exeMedia Player Classic - Home CinemaMedia Player Classic - Home CinemaMPC-HC TeamAdd to MPC-HC Playlist, Play with MPC-HCMedium
mpc-hc64.exeMedia Player Classic - Home CinemaMedia Player Classic - Home CinemaMPC-HC TeamAdd to MPC-HC Playlist, Play with MPC-HCLow
mpc-hc64.exeMPC-HCMPC-HCMPC-HC TeamAdd to MPC-HC Playlist, Play with MPC-HCHigh
mpc-hc64.exeMedia Player Classic - HomecinemaMedia Player Classic - Homecinemampc-hc@SourceforgeAdd to MPC Playlist, Play with MPCLow
mplayer2.exeDirectShowWindows Media PlayerMicrosoft CorporationOpen, PlayLow
mplayerc.exeMedia Player ClassicMedia Player ClassicGabestPlay with MPC, Queue with MPCMedium
mplayerc.exeMedia Player Classic - HomecinemaMedia Player Classic - Homecinemampc-hc@SourceforgeOpenLow
msdxm.ocxMicrosoft Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player 2 ActiveX ControlMicrosoft CorporationcloseMedium
wmpdxm.dllWindows Media Player ExtensionMicrosoft Corporationclose, openHigh
wmpdxm.dllMicrosoft(R) Windows Media PlayerWindows Media 6.4 Player ShimMicrosoft Corporationclose, openMedium
wmpdxm.dllMicrosoftR WindowsR Operating SystemWindows Media Player ExtensionMicrosoft Corporationclose, openLow
wmplayer.exeWindows Media PlayerMicrosoft Corporationopen, PlayLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .ivf extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
 Indeo Video filevideo   Low
 Indeo Video Formatvideo mpciconlib.dllMedia Player Classic - Home Cinema Icon Library, MPC-HC TeamMedium
 Indeo Video Dateivideo mpciconlib.dllMedia Player Classic - Home Cinema Icon Library, MPC-HC TeamLow
 iMesh media filevideo iMesh.ico Low
 Formato Indeo Videovideo mpciconlib.dllMPC-HC Icon Library, MPC-HC TeamLow
 Fichier Video Indeovideo mpciconlib.dllMPC-HC Icon Library, MPC-HC TeamLow
AVSVIDEOAVS Media Player Filevideo   Low
IVF FileIndeo Video Format  mpciconlib.dllMPC-HC Icon Library, MPC-HC TeamLow
IVF FileIVF File  mpc-hc.exeMPC-HC, MPC-HC TeamLow
IVFfileIndeo Videovideovideo/x-ivfivfsrc.axIntel IndeoR video IVF Source Filter 5.10, Intel CorporationLow
IVFFileIndeo Video File video/x-ivfivfsrc.axMedium
ivffileIndeo Video Formatvideo   Low
IVFfile video ivfsrc.axVery High
ivf_auto_file video icons.dllVistaCodecs Icons pack, Shark007Low
KLCP.BSP.ivfIVF Video Filevideovideo/ivfbsplayer.exeBS.Player, AB TeamLow
mpc-be64.ivfOthervideo mpciconlib.dllMPC-BE Icon Library, MPC-BE TeamLow
mplayerc.ivfIndeo Video Formatvideo mpciconlib.dll Low
mplayerc.ivf  video/x-ivf  Low
mplayerc.ivfIndeo Video filevideo mpc-hc.exeMedia Player Classic - Home Cinema, MPC-HC TeamLow
mplayerc.ivfIndeo Video video stormicl.dll Low
mplayerc64.ivfIVF Video Filevideo mpciconlib.dll Medium
qvodplayer.ivf   QvodRes.dll Low
WMP11.AssocFile.IVFIVF Videovideovideo/mpegwmploc.DLLWindows Media Player Resources, Microsoft CorporationLow

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