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.iff Extension - List of programs that can open .iff files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .iff extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
ACDSee32.exeACDSee 32 for Windows 95/NTACDSee 32 for Windows 95/98/2000/NTACD Systems, Ltd.Mit ACDSee drucken, OpenLow
ACDSee5.exeACDSeeACDSeeACD Systems, Ltd.Print with ACDSee, Open with ACDSeeLow
ACDSee8.exeACDSeeACDSee ApplicationACD Systems Ltd.Modifica con ACDSee, Stampa con ACDSee, Apri con ACDSeeLow
ACDSee8Pro.exeACDSee ProACDSee Pro ApplicationACD Systems Ltd.Bearbeiten mit ACDSee Pro, Drucken mit ACDSee Pro, Importieren mit ACDSee ProLow
ACDSeeQV12.exeACDSee Photo Manager 12ACDSee Photo Manager 12ACD Systems International Inc.Mit ACDSee Foto-Manager 12 bearbeiten, Mit ACDSee Foto-Manager 12 drucken, Mit ACDSee Foto-Manager 12 ansehenLow
ACDSeeQVPro4.exeACDSee Quick ViewACDSee Pro 4ACD Systems International Inc.Process with ACDSee Pro 4, Print with ACDSee Pro 4, View with ACDSee Pro 4Low
ACDSeeQVPro6.exeACDSee Quick ViewACDSee Pro 6ACD Systems International Inc.Develop with ACDSee Pro 6, Edit with ACDSee Pro 6, Print with ACDSee Pro 6, View with ACDSee Pro 6Low
Adobe Audition CC.exeAdobe Audition CCAdobe Audition CCAdobe Systems IncorporatedopenLow
Adobe Audition CC.exeAdobe Audition CC 2015Adobe Audition CC 2015.1Adobe Systems IncorporatedopenLow
Adobe Audition CC.exeAdobe Audition CC 2018Adobe Audition CC 2018AdobeopenLow
Adobe Audition CS6.exeAdobe Audition CS6Adobe Audition CS6Adobe Systems IncorporatedopenLow
Adobe Audition.exeAdobe AuditionAdobe AuditionAdobe Systems IncorporatedopenLow
apc.exeAshampoo Photo CommanderAshampoo Photo Commander 11Ashampoo Media GmbH & Co. KGexplore, open, printLow
Audition.exeAuditionAdobe AuditionBearbeiten mit Audition 1.5, open, PlayLow
CorelPP.exeCorel Graphics ApplicationsCorel PHOTO-PAINT X6 (64-Bit)Corel CorporationOpen, Print, PrintToLow
fcheck.exefcheckfcheck application fileAutodesk Inc.openLow
foobar2000.exefoobar2000 Applicationfoobar2000 Enqueue in foobar2000, Play in foobar2000Low
FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File ViewerFree File ViewerBitberry SoftwareopenLow
FSViewer.exe   openLow
i_view32.exeIrfanViewIrfanViewIrfan SkiljanopenVery High
i_view32.exeIrfanView 32-bitIrfanView 32-bitIrfan SkiljanopenMedium
i_view64.exeIrfanView 64-bitIrfanView 64-bitIrfan SkiljanopenMedium
i_view64.exeIrfanView 64-bit for Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11IrfanView 64-bitIrfan SkiljanopenLow
Paint Shop Pro 9.exePaint Shop Pro 9Paint Shop Pro 9Jasc Software, Inc.openLow
Paint Shop Pro.exePaint Shop Pro 8Paint Shop Pro 8Jasc Software, Inc.OpenLow
Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2023Adobe Photoshop 2023Adobeedit, open, preview, printLow
Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2021Adobe Photoshop 2021Adobeedit, open, preview, printLow
Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2022Adobe Photoshop 2022Adobeedit, open, preview, printLow
Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2020Adobe Photoshop 2020Adobeedit, open, preview, printLow
Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop CC 2019Adobe Photoshop CC 2019Adobe Systems Incorporatededit, open, preview, printLow
PhotoSnapViewer.exeNero Photosnap ViewerNero Photosnap Image ViewerNero AGOpenMedium
pixillion.exePixillionPixillion Image ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert with PixillionLow
psp.exePaint Shop Pro 7Paint Shop Pro 7Jasc Software, Inc.Open, Print, Print ToLow
ReadHRPT.exeHRPT ReaderHRPT reader applicationDavid J Taylor, EdinburghHRPT processLow
recoilwin.exeRECOILRECOILWinPiotr Fusik and Adrian MatogaopenLow
winamp.exeWinampWinampNullsoftEnqueue in Winamp, Enqueue Play in Winamp, Add to Winamp's Bookmark list, open, Play in Winamp, Add to Winamp's Media LibraryVery High
winamp.exe   Enqueue in Winamp, Add to Winamp's Bookmark list, open, Play in WinampLow
xnview.exeXnViewXnView for WindowsXnView, http://www.xnview.comopenLow
xnviewmp.exeXnViewMP ApplicationXnViewMPXnView, http://www.xnview.comopenLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .iff extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
 ACDSee Pro 6 IFF Image  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
 ACDSee Photo Manager 12 IFF Image  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
 ACDSee Pro 4 IFF Image  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
ACDC_IFFIrfanView IFF File  ACDSee32.exeACDSee 32 for Windows 95/98/2000/NT, ACD Systems, Ltd.Low
ACDSee 8.0.iffImmagine ACDSee 8.0 IFF  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
ACDSee Pro.iffACDSee Pro IFF Bild  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
ACDSee.iffACDSee IFF Image  ID_IFF.aplID_IFF, ACD Systems, Ltd.Low
AdobeAudition11_iffIFF Audio File  Adobe Audition CC.exeAdobe Audition CC 2018, AdobeLow
AdobeAudition8_iffIFF Audio File  Adobe Audition CC.exeAdobe Audition CC 2015.1, Adobe Systems IncorporatedLow
Amiga.8SVX.fileAmiga audio file  Audition.exeLow
AuditionFile_iffIrfanView IFF File  i_view32.exeIrfanView 32-bit, Irfan SkiljanLow
AuditionFile_iffIFF Audio File  Adobe Audition.exeAdobe Audition, Adobe Systems IncorporatedLow
foobar2000.IFFAudio File (IFF)    Low
FreeFileViewer.IFFIFF File  FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File Viewer, Bitberry SoftwareLow
IFFfileInterchange File Format application/iffsnd01.ico Low
iff_auto_file     Low
IrfanView.IFFIrfanView IFF File  i_view32.exeIrfanView, Irfan SkiljanVery High
MayaIFFFileIFF Image File  fcheck.exefcheck application file, Autodesk Inc.Low
NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files7.iffAmiga Paint Image  PhotoSnapViewer.exeNero Photosnap Image Viewer, Nero AGMedium
NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files8.iffImagem do Amiga Paint  PhotoSnapViewer.exeNero Photosnap Image Viewer, Nero AGLow
NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files8.iff     Low
NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files9.iff     Low
NeroPhotoSnapViewer.Files9.iffACDSee Foto-Manager 12 IFF Bild  IDE_IFF.aplIDE_IFF, ACD Systems Ltd.Low
PaintShopPro8.ImagePaint Shop Pro Image  _C3EF9CB7_27C6_4BBE_B600_402AF1BD8EBB Low
PaintShopPro9.ImagePaint Shop Pro 9 Image    Low
Photoshop.IFFFileType.130Adobe Photoshop IFFFileType.130  Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop CC 2019, Adobe Systems IncorporatedLow
Photoshop.IFFFileType.140Adobe Photoshop IFFFileType.140  Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2020, AdobeLow
Photoshop.IFFFileType.150IrfanView IFF File  i_view64.exeIrfanView 64-bit, Irfan SkiljanLow
Photoshop.IFFFileType.150Adobe Photoshop IFFFileType.150  Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2021, AdobeLow
Photoshop.IFFFileType.160Adobe Photoshop IFFFileType.160  Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2022, AdobeLow
Photoshop.IFFFileType.170Adobe Photoshop IFFFileType.170  Photoshop.exeAdobe Photoshop 2023, AdobeLow
PSP7.ImagePaint Shop Pro 7 Image  Psp7File.exe Low
recoilwin.file     Low
SageThumbsImage.iffSun TAAC fileimageimage/iffimageres.dllWindows Image Resource, Microsoft CorporationLow
ThumbsPlusPicIrfanView IFF File  i_view32.exeIrfanView, Irfan SkiljanLow
Winamp.FileWinamp media file  winamp.exeWinamp, NullsoftLow
Winamp.File.iffApple Audio Interchange Datei  winamp.exeWinamp, Nullsoft, Inc.Low
Winamp.File.iff     Low
Winamp.File.iffApple Audio Interchange File  winamp.exeWinamp, NullsoftVery High
Winamp.File.IFFPlik Apple Audio Interchange  winamp.exeWinamp, Nullsoft, Inc.Low
Winamp.File.IFFIrfanView IFF File  i_view64.exeIrfanView 64-bit, Irfan SkiljanLow
XnView.iffIFF Immagine  xnview.exeXnView for Windows, XnView, http://www.xnview.comLow
XnView.iff   xnview.exeXnView for Windows, XnView, http://www.xnview.comLow
XnView.iffIrfanView IFF File  Icons.dllAdditional icons for IrfanView - Creative Commons, Florian KilzerLow

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