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.exe Extension - List of programs that can open .exe files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .exe extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
%1   open, runasVery High
acsignopt.exeAcSignOpt ModuleAcSignOpt ModuleAutodeskEnable/Disable Digital Signature IconsLow
acsignopt.exeAutoCADAutoCAD componentAutodesk, Inc.Enable/Disable Digital Signature IconsHigh
AdvancedRun.exeAdvancedRunRun a program with different settings that you choose.NirSoftAdvanced RunLow
AppLoc.exeAppLocaleMicrosoft CorporationRun with Japanese localeLow
AppLocA.exeAppLocaleMicrosoft CorporationRun with Japanese locale as administratorLow
CalcResourceSum.exe   ResourceCalcLow
CFF Explorer.exeCFF ExplorerCommon File Format ExplorerDaniel PistelliOpen with CFF ExplorerMedium
cfs.exe   pasiflestir_adeko_14_1_rc20, pasiflestir_adeko_14_3Low
cmd.exeWindows Command ProcessorMicrosoft CorporationGrant Admin Full Control, Take OwnershipHigh
cmd.exeWindows-BefehlsprozessorMicrosoft CorporationEingabeaufforderungLow
Depends.Exe   View DependenciesLow
DEPENDS.EXEDependency WalkerDependency Walker for Win32 (Intel x86)Microsoft CorporationView DependenciesMedium
dotNET_Reactor.exeProduct.NET ReactorEZIRIZBrowse in .NET ReactorLow
dotPeek64.exedotPeekJetBrains dotPeekJetBrainsOpen with JetBrains dotPeekLow
EcMenu.exe Easy Context Menuwww.sordum.orgZ001AAT, Z002AAU, Z003AAV, Z004TQR, Z005RNNMedium
fvp.exeFile Viewer PlusFile Viewer PlusSharpened ProductionsView with File Viewer PlusLow
HiBitUninstaller.exeHiBit UninstallerHiBit UninstallerHiBitSoftwareInstall with HiBit Uninstaller, Uninstall with HiBit UninstallerLow
idaq.exeThe Interactive DisassemblerThe Interactive DisassemblerHex-Rays SAAnalyze with IDA ProLow
ILSpy.exeILSpyILSpyic#codeOpen with ILSpyLow
kerishdoctor.exeKerish DoctorKerish DoctorKerish ProductsKDAppInfoLow
launcher.exe   Debug with x64_dbgLow
LordPE.EXE   Break'n'Enter (LordPE), Load into PE editor (LordPE)Low
mshta.exeMicrosoft (R) HTML Application hostMicrosoft CorporationRun as Another UserLow
nirext.exeNirExtNirExtNirSoftAdvanced RunMedium
Nvda.Launcher.exeNsightNvda.LauncherNVIDIA CorporationLaunch with Nsight HUD 2019.4Low
ollydbg.exeOllyDbgFree 32-bit Analysing DebuggerSoftwareentwicklung YuschukOpen with OllyDbg 2.00Low
OLLYDBG.EXE OllyDbg, 32-bit analysing debugger Open with OllyDbgLow
PEBrowse64.exePEBrowse64 ApplicationPEBrowse64 ApplicationSmidgeonSoft, LLCAnalyze with PeBrowse Low
PEBrowseDbg64.exePEBrowseDbg64 ApplicationPEBrowseDbg64 ApplicationSmidgeonSoft, LLCAnalyze with PEBrowseDBG , Analyze with PeBrowse debug, DEBUG with PEBrowseDBGLow
pec2.exePECompact console mode applicationPECompact console mode applicationBitsum TechnologiesCompress with PECompact (console)Low
pec2gui.exePECompactPECompact GUIBitsum TechnologiesCompress with PECompact (GUI)Low
PEiD.exe   Scan with PEiDLow
petgui.exe   Compress with Petite (GUI)Low
pexplorer.exePE ExplorerPE ExplorerHeaventools SoftwareOpen with PE ExplorerMedium
PhraseExpress.exePhraseExpressPhraseExpressBartels Media GmbHOpen/Run with PhraseExpressLow
Pic2Ico.exe   Extract iconsLow
RDG Packer Detector v0.7.2.exeRDG Packer Detector v0.7.2RDG Packer Detector 2014RDG Packer DetectorLow
RDG Packer Detector v0.7.5.exeRDG Packer Detector v0.7.5RDG Packer Detector 2015RDG Packer DetectorLow
Reflector.exeRed Gate's .NET ReflectorRed Gate's .NET Reflector Browse with .NET ReflectorLow
Reflector.exeReflector.NET ReflectorRed Gate Software Ltd.Browse with .NET ReflectorLow
register   RegisterLow
RegOrganizer.exeReg OrganizerReg OrganizerChemtable SoftwareRun and trace with Reg OrganizerLow
reshacker.exe Resource viewer, decompiler & recompiler. Open using Resource HackerHigh
ResourceHacker.exeResHackResource viewer, decompiler & recompilerAngus JohnsonOpen using Resource HackerLow
ResourceHacker.exe Resource viewer, decompiler & recompilerAngus JohnsonOpen using Resource HackerLow
Resourcer.exeAnolisAnolis Resourcer Program Open with Anolis ResourcerLow
restuner.exeResource TunerResource TunerHeaventools SoftwareOpen with Resource TunerLow
RunArg.exeRun Arguments oHARDevelopmentsRun With ArgumentsLow
RunWithParms.exeRunWithParms Foolish ITRun with ParametersLow
SendToAdd.exe   Add to Send To menuMedium
SendToRemove.exe   Remove from Send To menuMedium
ShellRunas.exeSysinternals ShellRunAsRun as different userSysinternals - www.sysinternals.comRun as different user (netonly)..., Run as different user...Medium
support.exe   destek_adeko_14_1_rc20, destek_adeko_14_3Low
Tu.exeTotal UninstallTotal Uninstall - Installation monitor and uninstallerGavrila MartauMonitor with Total UninstallMedium
u %1   Unregister ApplicationLow
UI6Log.exeAshampoo UI 6Ashampoo UI6 LogAshampoo Development GmbH & Co. KGInstall with Ashampoo UnInstaller 6Low
UniExtract.exeUniversal Extractor v1.7.4.78 build 1757Universal Extractor v1.7.4.78 (7z SFX archive)Company 'gora-sah'Extract with UniExtractLow
uniextract.exe Universal Extractor UniExtract Files..., UniExtract Here, UniExtract to SubdirVery High
UniExtract.exeUniversal Extractor v1.9.11.196 build 2681Universal Extractor v1.9.11.196 (7z SFX archive)Company 'gora-sah'Extract using UniExtractLow
uninstaller.exeAdvanced Uninstaller PROAdvanced UninstallerInnovative SolutionsUninstall with Advanced Uninstaller PROLow
UniversalExtractorLKL.exeLiberKey Launcher - Universal ExtractorLiberKey Launcher - Universal ExtractorLiberKey.comExtract with Universal ExtractorLow
unregister   UnRegisterLow
upx.exeUPXUPX executable packerThe UPX Team http://upx.sf.netCompress With UPX, Decompress With UPX, UPX Compress - The BestLow
urmain.exeYour Uninstaller! VistaYour Uninstaller! - New way to uninstall programs completely and easily.URSoft,IncUninstall with Your Uninstaller!Medium
winpatrol.exeWinPatrol MonitorWinPatrol System MonitorBillP StudiosWinPatrol PLUS Info...Low
winpatrol.exeWinPatrolWinPatrol MonitorRuiwareWinPatrol PLUS Info...Low
winpatrol.exe   WinPatrol PLUS Info...Low
X96DBG.EXEx64dbgx64dbg Debug with x64dbg, DEBUG with X64DBGLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .exe extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
exefileProgram application/x-msdownload  Low
exefileApplication application/x-msdownload  Very High
exefileAplicativo application/x-msdownload  Low
exefileApplicazione application/x-msdownload  Low
exefileAnwendung application/x-msdownload  Medium
exefileAplikacja application/x-msdownload  Low

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