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.apk Extension - List of programs that can open .apk files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .apk extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
7z.exe7-Zip7-Zip ConsoleIgor PavlovopenLow
7zFM.exe7-Zip7-Zip File ManagerIgor PavlovopenLow
7zFM.exe7-Zip ZStandard7-Zip File ManagerIgor Pavlov, Tino ReichardtopenLow
apkdecode.bat   DecodeLow
ApkInstaller.exeAPK Installer for WindowsAPK Installer for PCapkinstaller.comopenLow
B1Manager.exeB1 Free ArchiverB1 Free Archiverb1.orgopenLow
decompile.cmd   Browse Java Code of APKLow
disassemble.cmd   Disassemble APK and Decode ResourcesLow
DroidExplorer.Runner.exeDroid ExplorerDroidExplorer.RunnerRyan ConradInstall, open, UninstallLow
firefox.exeFirefoxFirefoxMozilla CorporationopenLow
FreeOpener.exeFree OpenerFree Opener openLow
fvp.exeFile Viewer PlusFile Viewer PlusSharpened ProductionsopenLow
GSAPak.exeGameSpy GSAPakGameSpy GSAPak 1.01GameSpy Industries, Inc.Install GameSpy Arcade Service..., openLow
HD-ApkHandler.exeBlueStacksBlueStacks Apk HandlerBlueStack Systems, Inc.Open with BlueStacks APK InstallerHigh
HD-Player.exeBlueStacksBlueStacksBlueStack SystemsOpen with BlueStacksLow
HiSuite.exe   openLow
iexplore.exeInternet ExplorerInternet ExplorerMicrosoft CorporationopenLow
install.cmd   Install APK to PhoneLow
MEmuConsole.exe   openLow
Nox.exeNoxPlayerNoxPlayerDuodian Technology Co. Ltd.openLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .apk extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
APKAndroid Package  fvp.exeFile Viewer Plus, Sharpened ProductionsLow
apkfile     Low
apkinstaller.apkAndroid Package (.apk)  ApkInstaller.exeAPK Installer for PC, apkinstaller.comLow
APK_auto_file     Medium
apk_auto_fileAndroid Packagecompressed apk.ico Low
apk_auto_fileAndroid Application Packagecompressedapplication/ Low
Bandizip.apkKomprimierte Datei (APK)    Low
BlueStacks.ApkBlueStacks Android Package File    High
BlueStacks.Apk     Low
DroidExplorer.ApkInstallerAndroid Application    Low
FreeOpenerFree Opener association  free_opener_128.ico Low
GSAPak.DocumentGameSpy Arcade Custom Service  GSAPak.exeGameSpy GSAPak 1.01, GameSpy Industries, Inc.Low
HiSuite.fileAndroid Applicaton(.apk)    Low
HTC.ApplicationInstaller.1Application Installer    Low
Nemu.apk     Low
Nox.apkNox.apk    Low
Nox.apk     Low

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