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.rtf Extension - List of programs that can open .rtf files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .rtf extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
AbiWord.exe   openLow
Atlantis.exeAtlantis Word ProcessorAtlantis Word ProcessorRising Sun Solutions,, print, printtoLow
awp.exeAtlantis Word ProcessorAtlantis Word ProcessorThe Atlantis Word Processor Teamopen, print, printtoLow
barillo.exe Barillo Barcode SoftwareNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
cvh.exeMicrosoft Office 2010Microsoft Office Client Virtualization HandlerMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, Printto, Open in Protected ViewLow
cvh.exeMicrosoft Office 14Microsoft Office Client Virtualization HandlerMicrosoft CorporationOpen in Protected ViewLow
debut.exe   Convert file typeLow
doxillion.exeDoxillionDoxillion Document ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert with DoxillionLow
expressburn.exe   Convert file typeLow
FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File ViewerFree File ViewerBitberry SoftwareopenLow
fvp.exeFile Viewer PlusFile Viewer PlusSharpened ProductionsopenLow
hiderun HBCDP.cmd AtlantisWord.cmd "%1"   openLow
inventoria.exe Inventoria Stock ManagerNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
pdfcreator.exePDFCreatorPDFCreatorpdfforge file PDF e Bitmap con PDFCreatorHigh
PDFReader.exePDF Experte 7 ReaderPDF Experte 7 ReaderVisagesoftopenLow
photopad.exePhotoPadPhotoPad Image EditorNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
photostage.exePhotoStagePhotoStage Slideshow ProducerNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
pixillion.exe Pixillion Image ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
SubtitleWorkshop.exe   Open with Subtitle WorkshopLow
swriter.exe   Neu, open, print, printtoMedium
swriter.exeLibreOfficeLibreOffice WriterThe Document FoundationNew, open, print, printtoLow
talk.exe Express TalkNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
TextPad.exeTextPadTextPadHelios Software Solutionsedit, openLow
wavepad.exeWavePadWavePad Sound EditorNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
WINWORD.EXE2007 Microsoft Office systemMicrosoft Office WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, PrinttoVery High
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2010Microsoft WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, Printto, Open in Protected ViewVery High
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2013Microsoft WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, Printto, Open in Protected ViewHigh
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2000Microsoft Word for WindowsMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Open, Print, printtoLow
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2003Microsoft Office WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, Printto, Open in Protected ViewVery High
winword.exeMicrosoft® Word for Windows® 97Microsoft Word for Windows® 97 application fileMicrosoft CorporationNeu, Öffnen, Drucken, printtoLow
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office XPMicrosoft WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, Print, Open, Print, PrinttoLow
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2016Microsoft WordMicrosoft CorporationEdit, New, OnenotePrintto, Open, Print, Printto, ViewProtectedHigh
WORDPAD.EXEMicrosoft® Windows® Operating SystemWordPad MFC ApplicationMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printto, openVery High
WORDPAD.EXEMicrosoft? Windows? Operating SystemWordPad MFC ApplicationMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printto, openLow
WORDPAD.EXESistema operacional Microsoft® Windows®Aplicativo WordPad MFCMicrosoft CorporationopenLow
WORDPAD.EXEMicrosoft® Windows (TM) Operating SystemWordPad MFC ApplicationMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printtoLow
WORDPAD.EXESistema operativo Microsoft® Windows®Applicazione WordPad di WindowsMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printto, openMedium
WORDPAD.EXEBetriebssystem Microsoft® Windows®WordPad-MFC-AnwendungMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printto, openVery High
WORDPAD.EXEOperativsystemet Microsoft® Windows®WordPadMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printtoLow
WORDPAD.EXEBesturingssysteem Microsoft® Windows®Toepassing Windows WordpadMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printtoLow
WORDPAD.EXESystem operacyjny Microsoft® Windows®Aplikacja Windows WordpadMicrosoft Corporationopen, print, printto, openMedium
WORDVIEW.EXEMicrosoft Office 2003Microsoft Office Word ViewerMicrosoft CorporationOpenLow
wps.exeKingsoft OfficeKingsoft WriterZhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,LtdEdit, New, OpenLow
wps.exeWPS OfficeWPS WriterZhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,LtdEdit, New, OpenLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .rtf extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
 Rich Text Formatdocumentapplication/mswordwordicon.exeMicrosoft Office 2013 component, Microsoft CorporationLow
AbiWordAbiWord Documentdocumenttext/richtextAbiWord.exe Low
Atlantis.DocumentRich Text Format Filedocument fvp.exeFile Viewer Plus, Sharpened ProductionsLow
Atlantis.DocumentAtlantis Document application/mswordAtlantis.exeAtlantis Word Processor, Rising Sun Solutions, Inc.Medium
docWord Document  explorer.exeWindows Explorer, Microsoft CorporationLow
FreeFileViewer.RTFRTF File  FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File Viewer, Bitberry SoftwareLow
LibreOffice.RtfRich Text Document  soffice.binLibreOffice 3.6, The Document FoundationMedium Text Dokument 3.1, OpenOffice.orgLow Text Document  soffice.exeLibreOffice 3.3, The Document FoundationMedium
OpenOffice.RtfRich Text Documentdocument soffice.exeOpenOffice 4.1.0, Apache Software FoundationLow
rtffile     Low
rtffileRich Text Documentdocument wordpad.exeWindows Wordpad Application, Microsoft CorporationVery High
rtffileRTF-Dokument  wordpad.exeWordPad-MFC-Anwendung, Microsoft CorporationLow
Word.RTF.8Rich Text Documentdocumentapplication/mswordwordpad.exeWindows Wordpad Application, Microsoft CorporationHigh
Word.RTF.8RTF-bestanddocumentapplication/mswordwordicon.exe Low
Word.RTF.8¼­½Ä ÀÖ´Â ÅؽºÆ®documentapplication/mswordwordicon.exeMicrosoft Office 2010 component, Microsoft CorporationLow
Word.RTF.8Rich Text Format application/mswordwordicon.exe2007 Microsoft Office component, Microsoft CorporationVery High
Word.RTF.8Formato Rich Text application/mswordwordicon.exe Low
Word.RTF.8Formato RTFdocumentapplication/mswordwordicon.exe Medium
Word.RTF.8Tekst sformatowany RTF application/mswordwordicon.exe Low
Word.RTF.8RTF (Rich Text Format) application/mswordwordicon.exe Low
Word.RTF.8Rich-Text-Formatdocumentapplication/mswordwordicon.exeMicrosoft Office 2010 component, Microsoft CorporationMedium
Wordview.RTF.8Rich Text Format application/mswordWORDVIEW.EXEMicrosoft Office Word Viewer, Microsoft CorporationLow
WPS.RTF.6RTF Text application/mswordwps.exeWPS Writer, Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,LtdLow
WPS.RTF.6RTF File application/kswpswps.exeKingsoft Writer, Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co.,LtdLow

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