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.pdf Extension - List of programs that can open .pdf files

In the following table, you can find a list of programs that can open files with .pdf extension.This list is created by collecting extension information reported by users through the 'send report' option of FileTypesMan utility.
The product name, description, and company name are taken from the version information of the .exe file.The 'Actions' list is taken from the context menu items added to Explorer by the specified program.The 'Popularity' column displays one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is determined according to the number of users that sent the specified record.

EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity
Acrobat.exeAdobe AcrobatAdobe Acrobat 9.0Adobe Systems Incorporatedopen, print, printtoVery High
Acrobat.exeAdobe Acrobat DCAdobe Acrobat DCAdobe Systems IncorporatedÅbn med Adobe Acrobat DC, Print, PrinttoLow
AcroRd32.exeAdobe ReaderAdobe Reader 8.1Adobe Systems IncorporatedOpen, Print, Printto, Open with Adobe Reader XIVery High
AcroRd32.exeAdobe Acrobat Reader DCAdobe Acrobat Reader DCAdobe Systems IncorporatedOpen, Print, Printto, Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DCMedium
AcroRd32.exeAdobe AcrobatPortable Document FormatAdobe Systems IncorporatedOpen with Acrobat 4.0, Print, printtoLow
AcroRd32.exeAdobe Acrobat ReaderAcrobat Reader 5.0Adobe Systems Incorporatedopen, print, printtoLow
CuteFiller.exeCutePDFCutePDF Form FillerAcro Software Inc.Open with CutePDF FillerLow
CutePDF.exeCutePDF ProfessionalCutePDF ProfessionalAcro Software Inc.Open with CutePDF ProLow
debut.exe   Convert file typeLow
doxillion.exeDoxillionDoxillion Document ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert with DoxillionLow
firefox.exeFirefoxFirefoxMozilla CorporationopenLow
Foxit Phantom.exeFoxit PhantomFoxit Phantom 1.0 open, print, printtoLow
FOXIT PHANTOMPDF.EXE   open, print, printtoLow
Foxit Reader.exeFoxit ReaderFoxit Reader 3.1, Best Reader for Everyday Use!Foxit Softwareopen, print, printtoHigh
FOXIT READER.EXE   open, print, printtoHigh
Foxit Reader.lnk   openLow
FOXITPHANTOMPDF.EXEFoxit PhantomPDFFoxit PhantomPDF 7.3Foxit Software, print, printtoLow
FOXITREADER.EXEFoxit ReaderFoxit Reader 7.0, Best Reader for Everyday Use!Foxit Software, print, printtoMedium
FoxitReaderPortable.exeFoxit Reader PortableFoxit Reader PortablePortableApps.comopenLow
FOXITR~1.EXEFoxit ReaderFoxit Reader, Best Reader for Everyday Use!Foxit Software Companyopen, print, printtoHigh
FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File ViewerFree File ViewerBitberry SoftwareopenLow
FreeOpener.exeFree OpenerFree Opener openLow
hiderun HBCDP.cmd SumatraPDF.cmd "%1"   openLow
inventoria.exe Inventoria Stock ManagerNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
LightningNavigator.exeWordPerfect LightningWordPerfect Lightning NavigatorCorel CorporationView in WordPerfect LightningLow
msohtmed.exe2007 Microsoft Office system2007 Microsoft Office componentMicrosoft CorporationEdit, PrintLow
mspaint.exeMicrosoft® Windows® Operating SystemPaintMicrosoft CorporationeditLow
NitroPDF.exeNitro Pro 9Nitro Pro 9Nitro PDFOpen, Print, printto, Edit with Nitro Pro 9Low
NitroPDF.exeNitro PDF ProfessionalNitro PDF ProfessionalNitro PDFEdit with Nitro PDF ProfessionalLow
NitroPDF.exeNitro Pro 7Nitro Pro 7Nitro PDFEdit with Nitro Pro 7Low
NitroPDF.exe   Edit with Nitro Pro 10Low
pdfcreator.exePDFCreatorPDFCreatorpdfforge file PDF e Bitmap con PDFCreatorMedium
PDFReader.exeNuance PDF ReaderNuance PDF ReaderNuance Communications,, print, printtoLow
PDFREA~1.EXEFoxit Reader  open, print, printtoLow
PDFtoPowerPoint.exeWondershare PDF to PowerPoint ConverterWondershare PDF to PowerPoint ConverterWondershareConvert with Wondershare PDF to PowerPointLow
pdfvista.exePDF CompletePDF VistaPDF Complete IncOpen, Open with PDF CompleteLow
PDFXCview.exePDF-XChange ViewerPDF-XChange ViewerTracker Software Products Ltd.Open with PDF-XChange Viewer, Print, printtoMedium
photopad.exePhotoPadPhotoPad Image EditorNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
photostage.exePhotoStagePhotoStage Slideshow ProducerNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
PhotoViewer.dllMicrosoft® Windows® Operating SystemWindows Photo ViewerMicrosoft Corporationopen, printLow
pixillion.exe Pixillion Image ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
pixillion.exePixillionPixillion Image ConverterNCH SoftwareConvert with Pixillion, Convert with PixillionLow
readiris.exeReadiris ApplicationIOCR ApplicationI.R.I.S. (Image Recognition Integrated Systems)Reconhecer com ReadirisLow
STDUViewerApp.exeSTDUViewerScientific and technical documentation viewer openLow
SumatraPDF.exeSumatraPDFSumatraPDFKrzysztof KowalczykOpen, Print, PrintToHigh
SumatraPDF.exe   openLow
SX-PER~1.EXEFree PDF PerfectFree PDF Perfectsoft Xpansionopen, print, printtoLow
talk.exe Express TalkNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
torch.exeTorchTorchTorch Media Inc.Open with TorchLow
wavepad.exeWavePadWavePad Sound EditorNCH SoftwareConvert file typeLow
WINWORD.EXEMicrosoft Office 2003Microsoft Office WordMicrosoft CorporationEditarLow

In the following table, you can find a list of file types information that is associated with .pdf extension.

Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
 Foxit Reader PDF Document  FOXIT READER.EXE Low
Acrobat.Document.11Documento do Adobe Acrobat application/pdf_PDFFile.ico Low
Acrobat.Document.11Adobe Acrobat Document application/pdf_PDFFile.ico Medium
Acrobat.Document.DCAdobe Acrobat Document application/pdf_PDFFile.icoInstallShield, Flexera Software LLCLow
AcroExch.DocumentPortable Document Formatdocumentapplication/pdfPDF.ico Low
AcroExch.DocumentAdobe Acrobat Document application/pdf  Very High
AcroExch.DocumentAdobe Acrobat 7.0 Document application/pdf  Medium
AcroExch.Document.11Adobe Acrobat Document application/pdfPDFFile_8.ico Very High
AcroExch.Document.7Documento Adobe Acrobat application/pdf_PDFFile.ico Low
AcroExch.Document.7Adobe Acrobat Document application/pdfPDFFile_8.ico Low
AcroExch.Document.DCAdobe Acrobat Document application/pdfPDFFile_8.icoInstallShield, Flexera Software LLCMedium
FirefoxHTMLFirefox HTML Document application/pdf  Low
FoxitPhantom.DocumentPDF Document application/pdfFoxit Phantom.exeFoxit Phantom 2.2, Foxit SoftwareLow
FoxitPhantomPDF.DocumentFoxit PhantomPDF PDF DocumentDocumentapplication/pdfFOXIT PHANTOMPDF.EXE Low
FoxitReader.DocumentFoxit Reader PDF Document application/pdfFOXIT READER.EXE High
FoxitReader.DocumentPDF Document application/pdfFoxit Reader.exe Medium
FoxitReader.Document  application/pdfFoxit Reader.exeFoxit Reader 4.3, Best Reader for Everyday Use!, Foxit CorporationLow
FoxitReader.DocumentFoxit PDF Document application/pdfFoxit Reader.exeFoxit Reader 3.1, Best Reader for Everyday Use!, Foxit SoftwareVery High
FoxitReader.DocumentFoxit Reader Document application/pdfFoxit Reader.exeFoxit Reader, Best Reader for Everyday Use!, Foxit Software CompanyLow
Free PDF TabletPDF Document application/pdfFreePDFTablet.exeFreePDFTablet, MicrosoftLow
FreeFileViewer.PDFPDF File  FREEFILEVIEWER.exeFree File Viewer, Bitberry SoftwareLow
FreeOpenerFree Opener association  free_opener_128.ico Low
NitroPDF.DocumentNitro PDF Document 5.0 application/pdfNitroPDF.exeNitro PDF Professional, Nitro PDFLow
NitroPDF.Document.10PDF DocumentDocumentapplication/pdf  Low
NitroPDF.Document.9PDF DocumentDocumentapplication/pdf  Low
NitroPDFReader.Document.3Adobe Acrobat DocumentDocumentapplication/pdf  Low
pdfPDF Document  shell32.dllWindows Shell Common Dll, Microsoft CorporationLow
PDF Document Type   _6FEFF9B68218417F98F549.exe Low
PDF-XChangeViewer.1PDF-XChange Viewer Documentdocumentapplication/pdfPDFXCview.exePDF-XChange Viewer, Tracker Software Products Ltd.Medium
pdffileAdobe Acrobat Document application/pdfPDFReader.exeExpert PDF 7 Reader, VisagesoftLow
PDFPlusReader.DocumentPDFPlusReader.Document application/pdfGPlusCore.dllZeon Gaaiho Doc Application, Zeon CorporationLow
pdfvista.Document.3PDF Complete Document application/pdfpdfiutil.exeUtilities, PDF Complete IncLow
pdf_auto_file     Medium
SageThumbsImage.pdfPortable Document Formatimageapplication/pdfimageres.dllWindows Image Resource, Microsoft CorporationLow
STDUViewerFile.PDFSTDUViewer PDF File  STDUViewerApp.exe Low
SumatraPDFDocumento PDF application/pdfSumatraPDF.exeSumatraPDF, Krzysztof KowalczykLow
SumatraPDFPDF Document application/pdfSumatraPDF.exe High
SumatraPDF   SumatraPDF.exeSumatraPDF, Krzysztof KowalczykLow
sxP8free.DocumentPortable Document Format (PDF) application/pdfsx-perfect-pdf-8.exeFree PDF Perfect, soft XpansionLow
Torch.pdf  application/pdftorch.exeTorch, Torch Media Inc.Low

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